Good day readers. As this is the first article for me, it felt appropriate to introduce myself and my first experience of rugby. My name is Adam. I was born in Singapore and grew up playing football (soccer) and baseball. Playing football, I was always a goalkeeper or defender. The first time I ever held a rugby ball was when my family moved to Australia.

When I was nine, my family migrated to Australia, which was quite a sea change. I first held a rugby ball during PE class at my new elementary school. Rugby is referred to as “footy” in Australia, so my immediate reaction was, “how am I supposed to kick this ball?” I did not understand how an egg-shaped ball could be kicked around, and, when I tried to kick the rugby ball, it careened off into the distance. I was surprised to learn that a “footy” ball is mainly held and passed by throwing it backward with a spinning motion.

I didn’t take up rugby throughout my elementary school years. It was not till high school and university that I had a newly found interest in rugby and its cousins such as rugby league and touch rugby.

Vocabulary List

  • appropriate 適切
  • migrate マイグレート、移り住む、引っ越す
  • sea change 重要な変更
  • immediate 即座に
  • careen 制御不能な動き
  • backward 後方
  • distance: into the distance 遠くまで
  • motion 動き
  • take up 始める (仕事・趣味などを)

Word Frequency

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