Italy recently recorded their first ever victory against Australia during the 2022 Autumn Internationals at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

Match Report

A fumbled catch allows the Azzurri to penetrate deep into the Australian 22 moments after the kickoff. Australia succumbs to Italy’s pressure and concedes a penalty, giving the hosts a 3-0 lead. This is soon answered by the Wallabies as they catch Italy offside, allowing them to draw with the hosts. 

Only 15 minutes into the first half and Australia’s Jake Gordon is sin-binned for a shoulder charge on Italy’s Tommy Allan. Italy capitalises on this and scores the first converted try of the match, which gives them a 10-3 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Five minutes later, Italy further their lead by scoring a second try. This is converted to make the score 17-3.

Some slick passing allows Australian winger Tom Wright to score a well-needed try just before the break. The conversion attempt is unsuccessful, and Italy leads 17-8 at the break.

Moments after starting the second half, Australia score a second try and are able to convert it to make the score 17-15 to the Italians. However, Australia are penalised for coming off their feet at a ruck, and Italy bag another three points. To make matters worse, the Italians are quick with their hands and score a third unconverted try with 15 minutes remaining on the clock.

Australia is quick to respond with a converted try, though Italy still leads on the scoreboard 25-22. Australia is then penalized during a maul, and Italy kick for another three points.

The visitors score a last gasp try in overtime, but it’s too late. They fail to convert the try, and Italy make rugby history by beating Australia 28-27.


Vocabulary List

fumbled ボールをファンブルする

penetrate 深く突き進む

succumb to ~に屈する

concede ~を認める

shoulder charge 肩でぶつける

capitalise on ~を十分に利用する

slick きれいな

to bag~ ~を得る

to make matters worse 事態を悪化させる

make history 歴史を作る

Word Frequency

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