Japan has long been labelled as a predictable, set-play dependent, unimaginative rugby nation. However, in recent years, it seems they are starting to ‘feel’ the game more and shake that label.
From January 2022, the Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU) will introduce a new format to its professional league. Here are some of the details:
Today, we're going to give a brief introduction to two very common competitive points of contact in rugby: (1) the ruck and (2) the maul.
Today, we're going to look at the scrum, a common method for restarting play in rugby. A scrum consists of 8 players from each team pushing against each other, using their feet to retrieve the rugby ball, which has been placed between the 2 pushing groups by the scrum half.
Rugby is a full contact sport that requires a player to be in peak physical condition. But what do you do when the gym is over crowded? Not to worry, we offer two types of conditioning that players can do almost anywhere. 
Have you ever Played Oztag? Oztag is a form of touch rugby that comes from Australia. Today I spoke to Naomi Yakushiji about the benefits of playing the game. Naomi is an English and P.E. teacher from Ireland who also plays rugby. Here’s our interview.
In years gone by, the big nations of the Southern Hemisphere along with a handful of nations within Europe dominated the international rugby scene. However, in recent years we have seen many more national teams across the globe emerge as strong competitors putting the rugby juggernauts to the test and, in some cases, winning upset victories.