Rugby is a full contact sport that requires a player to be in peak physical condition. But what do you do when the gym is over crowded? Not to worry, we offer two types of conditioning that players can do almost anywhere. 

Band Sprints 

Band sprints are great for improving acceleration —wingers and fullbacks take note! All you need is two very strong resistance bands, a stationary object (such as a tree or pillar) and five meters of running space. 

    1. First, tie the bands together to make one long band. 
    2. Second, tie one end of the band to the object and loop the other end around your waist. 
    3. Next, sprint forward as fast as you can until the band stops you. 
    4. Then, run backwards but resist the pull of the band. 

Do this repeatedly for 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. Aim for eight sets. 

Knee Wrestling

Knee wrestling helps add strength to your rucks, srcums and mauls. 

    1. First, pair up with a teammate and kneel opposite each other. 
    2. Then, when the whistle blows, grapple your partner and begin to wrestle. Try to force your opponent onto his or her back.
    3. Once a player puts an opponent on his or her back, they restart. 

Continue this for three minutes. Players must not grapple above the shoulders or below the waist. They change pairs when the time is up. Three to five rounds should be enough. 

There you have it. Why not try one of these exercises next time the gym is too busy?

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