Irish flag


IIreland by far had the most impressive display by beating the All-Blacks 2-1 on home turf. By doing so, it became the fifth nation to beat New Zealand away in an international test match series. Although it was heavily beaten in the first match, 42-19, Ireland bounced back to beat the hosts 23-12 and 32-22 respectively in the latter two matches.

English flag


Although England has been marred by a lack of victories in recent matches, it restored some pride by beating the Wallabies 2-1 in its own backyard. England previously had an eight-match winning streak against Australia, but that was ended by a 30-28 defeat to the host. Yet it managed to clinch the series by beating Australia in the following two matches, the end results being 25-17 and 21-17 respectively.

Welsh flag


Wales lost tts series to South Africa, but it did manage to win its first ever match against the Springboks at home. This was a historic moment for the touring team as it beat the host 13-12 in the match that took place in Bloemfontein. The win was secured by a 79-minute conversion kick by the boot of Gareth Anscombe.

Vocabulary List

promising 期待

impressive 見事な

home turf ホーム・グラウンド

heavily 激しく

bounced back 立ち直る

respectively 個々に

latter 後の

marred 損なわれる

restored 復興する

backyard ホーム・グラウンド / 

clinch 成立させる

historic 歴史的な偉業

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