England head coach Eddie Jones is no stranger to trying out unique training methods, and in the build-up to the 2022 Autumn Internationals, he pitted the national team against a new opponent: Thorpe Lakes Aqua Park.

Thorpe Lakes Aqua Park is a huge obstacle course on water located in Surrey, England. The park is over 1500 square metres in area with over 20 obstacles, including catapults, steppingstones, and huge slides.

For this training session, the squad was divided into teams of four, which had to transport an inflatable ball from the start of the obstacle course to the finish line without it being stolen or kicked away by the other teams.

It was said that this training method was implemented to build morale among the rugby players. However, one could speculate that there was more to this than merely a team building exercise. Running on a wet and slippery obstacle course is by no means a simple feat: It requires agility, coordination, and cardiovascular strength.

 England was going to face Argentina, Japan, New Zealand, and South Africa in the 2022 Autumn internationals, and Eddie Jones wanted  to make sure his players were in tip-top shape no matter how unconventional some of his training methods may have been regarded. Since the series, there is no doubt that there has been plenty of discussion around whether this type of training session paid off, or not.

Vocabulary List

build-up 高まり・~に向けて

obstacle course 障害物コース

obstacle 障害物

square meter 平方メートル

catapult 投石機

steppingstone 踏み石

slide 滑り台

transport 持ち運ぶ・移動させる

inflatable 空気注入式の

method 方法

implement 実装する

speculate じっくり考える

merely ただ単に

feat 偉業

agility 機敏性

coordination 筋肉の動きの協調

cardiovascular 心臓血管の

tip-top 最高のコンディション

unconventional 型にはまらないアプローチ

regarded ~と見なされる

Word Frequency

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