World Rugby, the governing body for the sport of rugby union, has said it may look into the possibility of hosting a world cup every two years.

While it seems an interesting concept, the following points will need careful consideration.

The rugby calendar is already jam-packed with a tight schedule. Both the southern and northern rugby hemispheres must contend with several domestic and international tournaments. There is also the matter of easing the amount of pressure on players to lessen the risk of injuries. Hosting a biennial world cup would therefore be impractical for the time being.

That said, it will be interesting to see what outcomes, if any, there will be.

We’ll keep our readers updated as best we can.


consider よく考える

investigate 調べる

feasibility 実行可能性

biennial 二年ごとの

concept 考え

jam-packed 混雑した~

hemisphere 半球

domestic 国内の

matter 件

ease 和らげる・緩和する 

to lessen 減らす

impractical 事項不可能・緩和する

outcome 結果

Word Frequency

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