During the 2021 Autumn Nations Series, New Zealand’s All Blacks suffered several losses. Most rugby nations would not be upset if they finished a season with twelve wins out of fifteen matches. However, All Blacks’ head coach Ian Foster went home to a storm of calls to be replaced. The All Blacks concluded their season with back-to-back losses to Ireland and France. With the addition of their 31-29 defeat at the hands of the world champions South Africa in October, many fans of the team have no more patience for any more All Blacks’ losses.

A local New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald conducted a poll with more than 18,000 All Blacks fans, which showed that only 4.5% of the fans supported Coach Foster keeping his job. Callers to talkback radio shows lambasted both Ian Foster for his results and the New Zealand Rugby Board for extending Foster’s coaching contract. Even though the All Blacks lost abysmally to France with a score of 40-25, Foster insisted that his team was making progress. Though he did concede that perhaps the team ran out of juice at the end of a long campaign.

The All Blacks first loss to France since 1973, their highest number of defeats in a single season since 2009 and the team sitting at second in the world rankings are not welcoming statistics for All Blacks fans. Gregor Paul, an editor for Rugby World, wrote that the problem for the All Blacks now is that the world doesn’t fear them because the world doesn’t have to. However, the All Blacks’ culture means that the team does not indulge in self-pity with the experienced hooker  Dane Coles saying that the team needed to do some good hard thinking over the summer break.

Source — Japan Times

Vocabulary List

suffered 苦しんだ

concluded 結論

back-to-back 連続

with the addition of ~を加える ことで

at the hands of の手で

lambasted こき下ろした

abysmally 極端な

concede 百歩譲る

ran out of juice 疲れる

campaign キャンペーン

defeats 敗戦

welcoming お迎え

statistics 統計

editor 編集者

self-pity 自己憐憫

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