It’s that time of year again!

The 2022 Six Nations Rugby Championship—featuring England, Ireland, France, Italy, Wales, and Scotland—is about to begin, and here are six players that you need to watch.

Freddie Stewart —England

The English no.15 was instrumental in England’s 2021 Autumn Internationals campaign. Both his ball carrying skills and his ability to handle pressure under the high ball played a major role in back–to–back wins over Tonga, Australia, and world champions South Africa.

Caelan Doris —Ireland

The Irish flanker won his first cap for Ireland against Scotland in the 2020 Six Nations Rugby Championship after proving his form while playing for the Leinster rugby team, one of the four professional provincial rugby union teams from Ireland. He is well known for making long ball carries as well as for his rucking prowess, both of which helped propel Ireland forward in their victory over the New Zealand All Blacks in the 2021 Autumn International rugby series.

Melvyn Jaminet—France

The French fullback proved his awesome kicking abilities in the 2021 Autumn International rugby series when he notched 48 points for France’s national team Les Bleus in triple victories over Argentina, Georgia and New Zealand. As well as his composure under the high ball and decisive kicking abilities, both his quickness and his agility make him a dangerous player on attack.

Federico Mori—Italy

The Italian centre made his test debut against Scotland in the 2021 Six Nations Rugby Championship. He is well known for his fast pace and—although a centre—he can play any position in the back line. It will be interesting to see how Kieran Crowley, a former All Black, will utilise this player’s versatility in Italy’s 2022 Six Nations campaign.

Taine Basham—Wales

While the 22–year old Welsh flanker has only six international caps to his name, he has already proven himself a formidable powerhouse for Wales. Standing at 183cm tall and weighing 95 kilograms, the backrower will no doubt be a menace on attack for any opposition.

Rufus McLean—Scotland

Still only 21 years old, the Scottish winger has already made a significant impact as part of his national side, most notably when he scored four tries in Scotland’s win over Tonga during the 2021 Autumn International rugby series—the first Scottish player to produce a four-try haul in more than quarter of a century.

Vocabulary List

instrumental 役に立つ、有益な

back-to-back 連続した[して]、立て続けに

prowess 優れた能力   

propel 〔~を〕進ませる

victory 勝利

notch を収める

composure 平静[冷静さ・落ち着いた状態]

decisive 決定的

agility アジリティ

debut デビュー. 新人が初めて登場する

pace 速いスピード

versatility 汎用性

formidable 手ごわい選手

powerhouse 豊かな才能を持つ人

menace 危険人物

significant 意義深い

notably ことさら

century 百年

Word Frequency

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