Spain beat Portugal in a 33–28 victory to secure a place at the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

This is the first time in twenty-four years that the men’s nation rugby team has qualified for the tournament. Los Leones (The Lions)—as they are otherwise known—are in Pool B so will face Scotland, Ireland and South Africa. The opposition will be tough, but you can be sure that the Spanish team will be relishing the opportunity to experience playing against these other three teams in their pool.

Anyway, speaking of Spanish rugby, did you know that Hollywood actor Javier Bardem used to play the beautiful game?

No? —me neither. 

Before starring as the antagonist in movies such as No Country for Old Men and Skyfall, Bardem was a rugby player with a promising career ahead of him. His older brother encouraged him to start playing when he was nine years old. Bardem played as both a prop and a flanker and even represented Spain in its Under 20s team. He quit rugby in the early 1990s when his movie career started to blossom. Bardem also stated that he didn’t fancy getting beaten up by the opposition, who started to target him because of his rugby prowess. 

Let’s hope to see him supporting his fellow countrymen at the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

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Vocabulary List

(to) secure 確保する

qualify for ~に適任である

otherwise known (as) 別名~として知られている

relish に喜んで取り組む

(to) star 主演する

antagonist 敵対者

promising 有望な

encourage 勇気づける

blossom ~が開花し始める

(to) state ~を述べる

beat up 殴ってやる

Word Frequency

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