Scenes from the second half of a match between the Borderlands High School rugby team and the Shadwell High School rugby team

Knock-on.  His second of the game.  Scrum to Shadwell well into the Borderlands half.

Woody knew he’d blown it.  Borderlands needed possession to have any chance of scoring the five points they needed to win.

Now Shadwell had the ball.  Woody could see the grins on the faces of the opposition.  They’d been under the kosh – but now they could win it by holding onto the ball.

The clock was running down.  Two minutes to go.  And then, at last, the ball broke – a fumble from a Shadwell player this time.  Nerves on both sides.  Woody scrambled for the ball, his first touch since his knock-on.

He bent to take it.  He had to get this right.  He looked about him.  Who to pass to?  There was no one.  And the Shadwell defenders were almost on top of him.

So Woody dropped the ball onto his foot and kicked it, a grubber kick that spun between three advancing Shadwell players.  Then he used every bit of muscle he had to power his body through the defence.

When Woody broke through their line, he caught up with the ball ahead of him and booted it harder, gaining speed all the time.  Woody was in his element.  He was running.  He was in control of a ball.  He felt that nothing could stop him.











advancing 向かってくる。進んでくる。
ahead of ~ ~の前に。
be in one’s element 本領を発揮している。
bend 曲げる。
boot 蹴飛ばす。
catch up with 追いつく。
fumble ボールを落とすこと。しくじる。ヘマをする。
get ~ right しっかりとやる。ちゃんとやる

in front ofと同義。
look about 周りを見回す。
nerve イライラ。
scramble for ~を奪い合う。
spin (spun) 素早く進む。
under the kosh (cosh) 手も足も出なくて。

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